The Anatomy of Maison&Objet

Meet us Sept. 8-12 at Maison&Objet, Paris
Hall 5A, stand N2/P1

-Three Dimensional Teaching Props
-A collection of  mid-century Italian Lab Glass

It’s been only 5 months since the March edition, but boy do we have news for you!

In early summer we made a huge acquisition from the former Cozzolino Pharmaceutical laboratories in Naples. The new ownership is repurposing the old facilities and contacted All’Origine asking we salvage everything we could. Eight truckloads of items have been purchased and brought to our showroom. You will get a preview of this at Maison&Objet!

Over the past months we’ve also built up a large collection of early to mid-century Teaching Props that we are sourcing mostly in Eastern Europe.

And now, for some spoilers of what you will find on our stand:

This collection has been several months in the making and will hopefully continue growing for many more to come! This selection of early to mid century Teaching Props includes geometric wireframe solids, chemical props in the form of small spheres and metal connecting rods, atomic models, human and animal anatomical reproductions and agronomical teaching tools such as actual size plaster and wax models of fruits and vegetables or up-scaled representations of their smallest inner structures.

Lab glass containers and tools from the former Cozzolino labs will be presented on our stand at Maison&Objet alongside other pharmaceutical and chemical glass artifacts of different European provenance. If instead you are curious about the pieces of early century industrial furniture that were acquired in Naples, please do get in touch because they are not being taken to Paris, at least for now!

More freshly acquired items,
from well established All’Origine product categories:

Fat Lava and Eastern European Ceramics 

We still call this family of products “Fat Lava and Eastern European Ceramics”, but it’s grown to become so much more! We are presenting collections of mid century ceramics by many different workshops and manufacturers (most of which out of business since the late 70’s),  from West Germany and Hungary, but also East German, Italian, Romanian and Bulgarian. We are bringing the largest selection we’ve ever put together!

Peasant Pottery

Another big focus will be on peasant pottery from Eastern Europe. These pieces are in average older than the ceramics in the category above and many date back to the very beginning of the XX century. These objects were originally intended as functional containers rather than ornamental. They are either undecorated or present very frugal and naïve decorations. All bare signs of usage.

European mid-century Glassware

As tradition wants a third, very large focus will be on early to mid-century glass from all over Europe. Divided by color and style you will find vases, bottles, cakestands and other typologies of objecs from Bohemia, Germany, Scandinavia, Romania, Poland, Italy, England and more.

Freshly acquired objects from many other categories will be available on stand, ranging from our textiles, woven flasks and cutting boards to other more recent additions to our catalog, such as our mid-century embroidered  panels which were received so well when we first presented them during the past edition of Maison&Objet!

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