New 2024 Collections at Maison&Objet

New 2024 Collections
at Maison&Objet

Come see what’s new Jan. 18-22 in Hall 8, stand D47/E48

– Fruit and Vegetable inspired Tableware

– PanEuropean Fish-shaped Dishes

– Unique early to mid-century Objects

– Austro-Hungarian metal trays

– Antique Books like Never Before

– Our Largest Selection of  Glass and Ceramics


Come discover our new catalog!

(Our 2024 Guest Curator is Silvia Camporesi!)

Yes, we are expanding our range of fish shaped ceramic dishes and will be presenting a whole new collection of fruit and vegetable inspired tableware: dishes, trays, bowls, jugs, salt shakers and more!

To display all of this we thought we needed a nice cabinet so we are bringing along a 4×2 meter behemoth built around 100 years ago. It used to serve as a work table with central cabinets inside the Cozzolino laboratories in Naples. We’re not showing any pictures yet though, keep our Instagram checked for those.

And of course we are bringing to Paris literal thousands of other European mid-century Originals.

Fruit and Vegetable inspired Tableware

Given how well our fish-inspired ceramics were received when we presented them at Maison&Objet in September 2023, we are compelled to begin exploring a new theme.
It is interesting to keep a record of the areas of Europe where certain themes were more popular. Now we can tell you that while many of the fish-shaped dishes that we find were manufactured in Hungary and former Czechoslovakia, these two countries seem not to have as much to give when it comes to fruit and vegetable designs.  On the other hand countries like Spain and Portugal appear to have produced a lot.

PanEuropean Fish-shaped Dishes (and Trays!)

Doubling down on our collection after selling out during the latest tradeshow. It wasn’t easy building up a whole assortment of mid-century fish-shaped ceramic dishes in just three months. Even if All’Origine relies on a strong network of local pickers this is a very small niche we are investigating. Yet somehow we did it and hopefully we will not sell out again.

Unique early to mid-century Objects

Linear compositions (our bespoke blend of antique books and unique mid-century objects) have been part of our offer for a few years now. This led us to research more and more unique items to work with. Now our assortment is big enough that they can become a category of their own. Given the miscellaneous nature of these objects we put quite some effort into presenting them in well-thought compositions, but do not worry, you can select each of our unique items individually at Maison&Objet.

Austro-Hungarian metal Trays

Metal trays are back! All’Origine has been selecting some very old pieces mostly in those areas of Europe that used to form the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  Materials include bronze, brass, pewter, nickel silver, aluminum and occasionally tin. Some of the trays are silver plated, some are not. None of our trays will stick to a magnet because we stay away from iron! Some of these trays are punched so it is possible to know when and where they were manufactured. They range in age from the early 1900’s to the 1960’s.

Antique Books Like Never Before

Not to brag, but our antique book game is pretty strong. We divide our late XIX to mid-XX century hardbacks by size and color. It’s a painstaking process but it really makes for a really tight presentation in our opinion. We offer our books by lot or by linear meter. They are all real Hungarian books with fabric clad covers and unique discoloration deriving from exposure to sunlight inside the homes they were once kept by their original owners.

Our Largest Selection of  Glass and Ceramics

Ornamental glass and ceramics from mid-century Europe are the products we are most known for. Recently we have had a huge turnover and keeping up with demand has been challanging at times. If you visited our stand during the September edition will be surprised to see how many new pieces are now available in both these categories!

Hope to see you there!

Maison&Objet, Paris:

January 18-22,  Hall 8, stand D47/E48

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