Ceramic Resilience, THE EXHIBIT

Ceramic Resilience, THE EXHIBIT
showcasing 36 prototypes by the design students of Ferrara

Remember this article  about the Ceramic Resilience student design contest?  Long story short: we are sponsoring our first ever student design contest and we are very proud of this. The contest aims at the invention of new resilient objects made from one “found part” made of whatever material and one custom designed ceramic part. It was addressed to the students of the design course of the University of Ferrara. Our founder Davide was one of the three jury members, together with a design professor from the University of Ferrara and ceramic artist Abdon Zani.

With that article we left you with two promises:
– that we would announce the winners on May 2nd
– that we would organize an exhibit of the submitted works inside our showroom in Imola.

36 designs were submitted and each student made a full scale prototype. Some are truly amazing! Iif you missed the announcement of the winners you can still check those out on our IG at this link, but to see the prototypes you will have to come to the showroom between June 15th and 22nd!

Saturday, June 15th at 5:00 pm we will hold an opening party. Entry will be free and open to everyone for the occasion!


We will happily and proudly showcase the works of:

Mirko Doria (winner)
Margherita Sartori (mention + special prize)
Franca Gramaglia (mentioned)
Pietro Baraldi (mentioned)
Angelo Accetta
Michelangelo Angiocchi
Michael Bellettato
Erika Boniburini
Alessandro Bonvini
Giuseppina Alessandra Borrasi
Laura Bortolotti
Leonardo Branzanti
Pietro Calzolari
Alina Chiruta
Simona Ciardo
Stefano Corazza
Marta Coviello
Chiara Croci
Edoardo Cuoghi
Alessandro Cusano
Rachele D’Andrea
Renato Defrancesco
Eleonora Dello Iacono
Efrem Ferrari
Federico Frascà
Greta Frazzarin
Virginia Lugli
Chiara Mancin
Elia Maccapani
Antonio Mastrogiacomo
Davide Montaquila
Linda Montesel
Matteo Ragazzini
Matilde Rossi
Francesca Urli
Filippo Veronesi

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