2021 Catalog

The 2021 product catalog is here

The new 2021 All’Origine product catalog is finally out! The digital version (with price list) is available freely to all business customers inside the client area of this website.

A limited hard back paper edition (without price indications) is instead available for purchase to everyone and can be pre-ordered here.

Business clients seeking a printed version of the catalog WITH price indications may get in touch with us to request a copy.

So, now that we got this trivial information out, let’s dive into a short little presentation of what we put together for you over the past few months!

As you may have noticed we did take some extra time this year, since we would normally be releasing the new edition of our catalog in early January. We used this extra time to make it richer, thicker, over all better and even more representative of the so called “core values” we share here at All’Origine. Each year we try to make a catalog that is better than the previous edition and we think we’ve managed to accomplish this goal once again!

What should you expect to find in this new catalog edition?

1) A new vertical format

which enables us to save paper and expand the contents of the catalog by one third while gaining “only” 50 more pages. And of course in our usual fashion nearly all 400 featured pictures have been purposely shot by our Simone Nocetti for this new edition. We promise 290 pages of pure enjoyment.

2) A printed version with hand printed covers.

The printed version is a limited edition of 600 copies. It features a fabric hard cover with embossed logo and metallic foil on the spine. And what is even fancier about it is that all front covers are unique: Art Director Corina Jucan decided to go an extra mile and will hand print each individual copy using some of our early and mid-century rubber rollers.

3) More stories!

We produce quite a lot of content, mainly for our Instagram page, but we have so far always kept our catalog very dry and technical. This time we wanted it to be more inspirational, to reflect not only the vastness of our product assortment, but also to spread some of the precious information that surrounds our European mid-century originals. So alongside all the technical information expect to find a story or a piece of trivia about each product category!

4) An article in memory of our first Art Director: Valentino Parmiani.

Each year we team up with a new guest curator who shares her/his views on the use of old objects in contemporary design. We will be straightforward about what happened this time around: we had a big project with an internationally known stylist who also happens to be a friend, but that darn Covid blew it all. But don’t woeey, we are saving this collaboration for next year and we are looking forward to it very very much! The decision was made that instead of asking someone else last minute (which is rather unpolite) we would dedicate some very well deserved space to our first art director, the beloved Valentino Parmiani who sadly left us in 2015. We are not attempting at ventriloquizing him though. We are just sharing some memories and trying to explain how important his figure was in shaping this brand in the way you know it today.

All the images of the catalog shared in this article are mock-ups beacuse, as we are posting, the files have just been sent to print. We will share pictures and video footage of the actual real catalogs on our Instagram as soon as they are ready (mid March 2021).

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