Orticola di Lombardia 2019

Why you should visit Orticla di Lombardia

We have been taking part in Orticola for several years now, but this is actually the first blog post we write about it. So, first thing first: what is there to know about this event?

Orticola is a yearly festival dedicated to gardening, plants and spontaneous landscape with exhibitors from all around Italy. For our company it is a very particular occasion, one of the two only appointments during the year (the other one being Orticolario, in October), where we address private buyers. The festival takes place every spring at the Indro Montanelli park in Milano.

It is considered a very important one and if you have never been we strongly recommend you come next year.  We will be there, so if you wish not to forget about this appointment before the time comes, you can start following Orticola either on Facebook or Instagram.

Ok, so in case you are wondering, All’Origine  did not start selling plants and flowers. We are present in this event as our products are complimentary to those on which it focuses. This year we also won an award for best non-plant exhibitor and for best booth design! Our founder Davide Mariani and art director Corina Jucan are pictured below standing next to our new magnificent cockade.

We’re not sure this is the precise reason, but one thing that turned out being very useful was having thought of a convertible stand. The weather forecast was not looking too good this May in Italy, so we thought of how we could make an emergency roof in case of rain….oh did it end up turning out handy!

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