All’Origine goes to Otto Studio

All’Origine @ OTTO Studio,
guests of Paola Navone

A Pop-Up store for the Milano Design Week

Milano, April 15 through April 21 2024: All’Origine is returning to Fuorisalone after a many year long hiatus, and we are doing so in great style!

We have been invited by Paola Navone to set up shop inside her studio in Via Tortona.

If you plan on visiting Fuorisalone this year, finding us will be very easy. The studio is inside the Opificio 31 complex, one of the key spots of Fuorisalone. We will be there with our Pop-Up store every day from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm.

The exterior of OTTO Studio, part of the Opificio 31 complex in Via Tortona 31,  Milano (photo: Enrico Conti)

OTTO Studio, founded by Paola Navone, is run together with Cristina Pettenuzzo, Domenico Diego and Gian Paolo Venier. They have a team of fifteen people and together they develop amazing projects for clients such as Baxter, Poltrona Frau, Alessi, Molteni, Driade, Armani Casa, Poliform… (this list could go on for an entire paragraph)  ranging from interior design projects to styling, product and graphic design. It is truly a great honor for us to be their guests!

Paola Navone’s career is indeed incredibly rich. A life of travels has led her to a unique outlook and a design language made of well informed contaminations. Her love for the southern and eastern parts of the world shine through her western stylistic vocabulary. Navone’s deep knowledge of faraway places and cultures  implies her references are  not limited to the present day.

While for many of her product design works she draws inspiration from traditional crafts to produce something entirely new, in her styling and interior design projects Navone combines actual old furniture and objects with contemporary cutting edge design. The outcomes are always surprising and iconic. “Make the ordinary extraordinary” is often cited as the core of her design philosophy.

Her ability to integrate the new and the old is surely the reason we have always been so attracted towards her work!

“Koi Koi” vases by Paola Navone for Porzellan Manufacture Reichenbach (photo courtesy of Reichenbach)
The so called “muro magico”. An installation of utilitarian ceramics used as cladding by Paola Navone on a wall of her private home in Milano (photo: Enrico Conti)

Just t be clear: none of the projects above were made in collaboration with us! And while these might probably not be the two single images OTTO Studio would use to present themselves, we have chosen them because they are probably better than words to explain why here at All’Origine we feel so connected with their vision.


The few images we’ve chosen, including Paola Navone’s portrait, also serve the purpose of highlighting her intense use of the color blue. Has she made only blue products and interiors in her exceptional career? Of course not! But Navone has indeed worked a lot with the many shades of this color and has surely made it part of her brand.

So, what is All’Origine presenting inside this Studio which is so entangled in the recent history of design?

Art Director Corina Jucan has selected over 5000 unique objects that will inhabit a large part of the studio for the duration of Fuorisalone: composed in her signature pictorial style they will form a giant color gradient made of mid-century ceramic and glass vases, antique books, seltzer bottles and many more unique items. The space works both as a shop and as a living installation in continuous evolution: objects are  replaced and moved around for the whole duration of the event.

This “mural” will fade from pink to green (signature colors of All’Origine) to blue as a homage to Paola Navone and OTTO Studio.

The space is large and beyond this colourful wall there will be many more All’Origine products for you to see, touch and purchase if you wish!

There will be a wall entirely dedicated to mid-century cermic vases, a table with ornamental ceramic dishes from Hungary, a few with floor vases (both ceramic and tin), and then big glass vessels made in Southern Italy in the first half of the XX century, embroidered panels and more yet.

There are no words to express how excited we are about this collaboration. If you plan on visiting Fuorisalone, we really hope you can make the time to stop by OTTO Studio and say hi to us! ….we even made you this little map so you can find us more easily 🙂

Again: All’Origine will be at OTTO Studio, guests of Paola Navone, from April 15 to 21. In Via Tortona, 31 as part of the Fuorisalone event.


Everyday from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm!

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