Hardback Books

Hardback books with covers finished in fabric are gathered and devided by color. We select books as old as 1900 and in some occasions as recent as 1989, but only if manufacured through traditional printing and binding techniques. The pictures are representative of what can be expected in terms of variations in height and color hue within one meter and of how many titles in average fit in a linear meter. In general the range in size goes from 18,5 cm to 21,5 cm. Furthermore the pictueres highlight how recurring books with same title and edition are extremely rare. We do not alter these books in any way: they can be picked off the shelf at any time and read (currently we are sourcing them in Hungary so they are nearly all in Hungarian language).

The ongoing sourcing process is also bringing in a growing number of collectable books which can be browsed inside the showroom and purchased individually.


More details inside our catalog.

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