The Postrivoro Experience

The postrivoro Experience

The Faenza based association Postrivoro is specialized in the organization of food and wine events with a much appreciated format: each of their events consists of a Saturday supper for twenty people -all seated at the same table- with an “encore performance” for 20 more on the following day at lunch.
For each of their event-dinners they mach a different chef and a different sommelier, always inviting top notch international professionals. Furthermore the setting for these one of a kind meals also changes every time, with many architects, designer and artist having been invited over the years to redesign the location.

This year we were invited to design the setting for a Postrivoro event and could have not been happier. The big occasion came with the event-meal designed by the odd couple Zhao Guangyou and Regis Ramos Freitas: one the renowned Chinese chef from Beijing and last cook of the Qing Dynasty, the other a Brazilian born wine expert from the Veneto region.

Inside the historical frame of the cloister of the Commenda Church, the task was to better accompany a dinner fit for an emperor. Playing it low key seemed not enough, so we wet full-rude. The inspiration for the table setting came from all those object that international etiquette considers unacceptable to bring on the table: shoes, hats and more or less anything that is usually kept on the floor. We didn’t use actual shoes and hats, but a number of mid-century wooden molds.

All pictures inside this post are courtesy of CineFood association.

Photographer: Andrea Moretti

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