Maison et Objet 2020- January edition

Catalogue d’Objets Chinés

It is tradition for us that the year begin with a trip to Paris.

And once again Mason&Objet was a very positive experience, with old friends paying a visit and new ones discovering our brand. For the first time we brought along our Soviet Bloc Ceramics, Bulgarian Vitreous China and North European Gin Bottles. We are very happy with the feedback we received and to be considered among the trendsetters who attend this fair.

Another important recognition is that more and more we are raising the interest of the press who credits us not only for the commercial aspect of our work, but for our commitment to researching the origins of every item, the history and the folklore that surround it. For the same reasons, alongside the press, museums and art institutions worldwide are showing a growing interest for our items…not for exhibiting purposes (we do deal rather humble objects) but for their gift shops!