Maison et Objet 2019 – September edition

Maison’s behind the scenes

Maison&Objet-Paris is a very important trade show. It takes place twice a year (January and September) and All’Origine hasn’t missed an edition in the past five years. Since we wish not to bore you with the same article each time we participate, this time we decided to do something different:

we thought it might be interesting to let you know something more about our organization, because as some visitors put it: our way of doing things is very unconventional for Maison and perhaps a little crazy. As you know we select European mid-century originals all across Europe, so all the All’Origine pieces you find at our showroom, from our retailers and on trade fair stands are to a certain extent “unique” and this year’s theme for our stand was in fact “Uncategorized” meaning we brought along mostly objects with a very highy ratio of uniqueness.

So what happens at Maison&Objet is that our clients hand pick the items they wish to purchase; we label each and every one with the initials of its new owner, pack it safely and bring it to a deposit (it will then be shipped after the fair is over). From the deposit we bring out other items in order to re-stock our stand. This process is continuous and goes on all day long. Our art director Corina Jucan decides where and how each new item is supposed to be exhibited. When items in a certain category start to run out they might be moved to a different shelf. And this might trigger a domino effect of moving things around. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to always have a fully stocked and picture perfect stand!

So while the video above captures the daily routine we just described, the one below was prepared to give you some insight on what goes on the days preceding the trade fair and what goes on during closing hours of Maison&Objet. We thought it would be even more entertaining if we added some silly commentary  in a vaguely 1950’s style.

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