Ceramic Dishware

The products in this category are grouped in four subcategories:

-Italian Buon Ricordo dishes: a popular collectors item between the 1960’s and 1980’s. These plates were all manufactured in Vietri and decorated by hand. They are commemorative plates of various restaurants which were part of the Buon Ricordo association. All plates have the same shape and size.

-English (and English style) transferware. Available in the colors: red, blue, green and brown. Variable shapes sizes and motifs.

-Early century Transylvanian dishes. Ornamental dishes originally meant to be hung on the wall as decoration. These plaes feature floral decors and abstract motifs, combining hand decoration with stencils, decals and airbrush.

-White dishware of various provenances and eras. A large mix of plates and dishes in all shades of white.

Besides these four categories you will also find white porcelain in mint condition presented in the consistent section of this website.


More details inside our catalog.

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