An update from the All’Origine team

May 4th 2020 is the date that was set by the Italian government for the beginning of the so called Fase 2 (second phase).  Meaning a phase during which some restrictions are lifted and many businesses, including All’Origine may reopen.

The Italian government has plans for a gradual reopening of more activities, but it is clear that the spread of the virus in the upcoming months will determine what will be allowed and what will not.

Normally, during this time of the year, here you would be finding an article about the Orticola event in Milano (you can see pictures of last year’s edition here). The event was supposed to take place between May 8th and 10th and is hopefully only postponed to a date during summer. We will definitely post about it here when the time comes!

But now we have other news for you! On May 4th the entire team went back to work! Not a single person was laid off.Seeing each other in person for the first time after two months was very exciting. We also feel very lucky for having such a big working environment where we can distance better than in any office.
It is clear to us, as we hope it is to all, that we are to take very special care of ourselves and of others right now. Because if the virus stars spreading again new lockdowns will become necessary and that is something nobody wants.

Showroom visits

In this spirit, not only we are taking extra safety measures while working and handling products, but we have also decided to adopt a series of safety measures for showroom visits: for the foreseeable future they will be only by appointment, one customer at a time and only wearing a surgical or filterless FFP2 mask.

Art director Corina Jucan
(she will be helping you out during your scheduled visit to the showroom and is currently learning how to speak at a much higher tone of voice, so you can hear her even with a mask and from a 2 meter distance)

Remote purchases

We’ve always worked with customers from all over the world. Ours is a tailored service that has always enabled our customers to select and purchase from wherever they are. We’ve been offering virtual tours of the showroom via Skype, Zoom and Whatsapp since 2018, so there’s really nothing requiring  a change in your remote buying experience the way you’ve always known it.

(sales and graphics, a jack of all trades! He’s always worked mostly from home, so nothing has changed for him either)


There are no issues with shipping in Italy, but there may be delays at customs depending on  your country. Our shipping department is well informed and can provide help if you don’t know about the situation in your own country.  Japan will be taking in shipments as of May 11th and Singapore after May 18th.

(head of the shipping department and sales department, she will be looking after your parcel from the moment you start pondering an order to the moment it is delivered at your door.)


Currently we are fully stocked. A truck with all our purchases from the last European buying campaign  arrived on the last day before the boarders were closed.  At this time our buyers are the ones under the greatest pressure, reorganizing the way they do things and providing training to many of our local pickers on how to keep working together during this presumably long phase of isolation.

(founder of All’Origine, product scout and buyer)


Since all events in which we usually take part have been posponed, we now have more time to take extra care of our products and of our customers. We are managing to make more Frameforks than ever, we finally have time to conservatively restore a bunch of old pieces that have been awaiting repairs and we are also keeping the showroom more tidy and to shipping faster than ever!

Alessandra, Mario, Mihai and Simone
(the backbone of All’Origine, these are the four people who run the showroom and the deposit, handling everything practical from logistics to packing)


On May 4th we also returned to social media. Despite having continued to work from home (with one person allowed to go to the showroom) throughout the lockdown, we made the choice to put all our social media on hold. You will now start seeing pictures again of our European mid-century  originals both on Instagram and Facebook. Who  knows, we might even open a TikTok account some day, we still have so much silliness  to spread!

(chief of communication. Physically actually not very strong)

All photos by Simone Nocetti

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