2020 limited edition hardback

Limited edition hardback catalog

In 2020 we decided to take on a more sustainable approach towards our product catalog: despite being in need to expand the size from 160 to 240 pages, we were not happy with the excessive use of paper of our past editions. For this reason we decided to diffuse our 2020 catalog digitally and limit printet copies by large. This printed version of the catalog is an extra limited edition of only 300.
They are printed with very high quality standards as a harback: 240 pages in 20×20 cm format. So it is more of a book to keep and display rather than a commodity to throw away after one year.
This printed version of our product catalog does not contain indications of price. It retails at 20 €.

All registered businesses will find their free digital copy of catalog and price list inside the client area of this website.